Today starts my birthday week.  I know I am an adult woman, but to me there is nothing better than a birthday.  I am wildly childlike in the fact that I intend to celebrate my birthday all month-long – but usually I will settle for the week leading up to it.

Yes, I know I’m getting older.

I love getting older.  I embrace the fact that with each passing year I get wiser, more secure in my skin, and intentional with my time.  When I turned 26 I cried my eyes out because I was so insecure and the scale was reading about 3 pounds more than I wanted it to.  What in the actual hell?  I mean, COME ON GIRL!  That is why I love getting older.  As I approach celebrating 36 years on this earth, I realize that things do change.  And that’s a good thing.  Change means growth.  If we aren’t changing then we are dying. Flowers

It’s a time to reset.

I am a goal-setter.  I love lists and crossing them off one-by-one.  With a new birthday it’s an opportunity to reset and think of something new to learn or accomplish.  Last year I set out to become a certified make-up artist with my company, Senegence.  I did!  I wanted to develop a healthier routine of eating and working out.  I did!  I wanted to read more.  I did!  With the celebration of a new year ahead of me, I want to embrace new skills.  This year, I plan to become a certified Barre fitness instructor and become a licensed aesthetician.

Yes, I eat cake.

Have you ever had a friend who has a birthday but turns down cake or ice-cream or cookies because of being health conscious?  I’m all for a healthy lifestyle, truly and I think there are healthy options for even dessert (strawberry shortcake, fruit salad, frozen yogurt)…..BUT for the day commemorating your arrival on the planet, I say EAT THE CAKE!  Or the ice-cream.  Or the bacon.  Or whatever food it is that you love and that makes you happy.  I’m not saying to eat the entire cake or gallon of ice cream, but enjoy a bit without guiltcake

It isn’t just another day. 

If you approach your birthday like just another day then it will be just that.  Another day.  BUT WHY?  The world was nothing until YOU arrived.  It is different and more unique just by you being born into it.  That is why there is cause for celebration!  If you weren’t put here on that specific day and time who knows what would have happened?


So, on Saturday, May 26, 2018 I will be celebrating turning 36 in the incredibly fabulous city of New York, NY with one of my favorite people (my husband, Byan).  I would love for you to join us via my Instagram Stories!  @brandnewday526 

What is your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

xoxo, Brandi’




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