Yes, I know….There are probably very FEW of you out there that need this, but for people like ME who need some last minute (very last minute gift ideas) – I’m here for you.  

Is it just me or are men harder to buy for than women?  I mean, give a girl some chocolates and a candle or some yummy scented lotion and call it a day. But men buy everything they need for themselves so it leaves very little “extra” to get them when the opportunity arises.  

Let’s start out with the “It’s the thought that counts” gifts.  I’m going to start there because honestly, it is these ideas that are truly what go the farthest! 

  • Homemade card or project from you and the kids.  I saw this homemade frame the other day and thought “Even I could do that!”   Also, how cute is this card! 
  • Cook his favorite meal or baked good!  
  • Book him a tee time at the local course for Sunday and send him away guilt-free!  
  • For your partner, put the kids to bed and give him a nice massage – with or without a Happy ending.  (Haha….come on, you guys knew that was going to come up.) 

For last minute purchased gift ideas:

  • This bluetooth portable speaker.  It’s a great price point ($79.95), high quality sound and it’s perfect for lake days, golfing trips, camping trips, and tail gates! JBL
  • Deluxe Wet Shave Kit.  ($75.00) For the man that wants a close shave without having to worry about in-growns or terrible breakouts afterwards.  Bryan actually has this set and loves it!  And it comes with everything you need for traveling! Straight Razor set
  • A high-performance cooler, like this one! Looks like a Yeti – but it is only $97.00!) has 174 positive reviews, and at 55-quarts, it will hold plenty of beer and keep it iced-cold.Cooler
  • Everybody needs a good to-go coffee container!  This one is slim and keeps your beverage hot for hours!  Again, this one is in our house and is used on the regular because it’s compact and looks sleek for the office. 

Let’s be honest….Father’s Day is all about celebrating how incredible the men in our lives and letting them know how much we appreciate and value them.  As long as they feel loved and appreciated on Sunday, it doesn’t matter what’s wrapped up! 

What are you doing this Father’s Day weekend? 

xoxo, Brandi’ 


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