Interestingly, I am more of a LIME person, but this summer I am digging everything lemon.  I noticed it a few months ago when I saw this cute printed shirt at Marshall’s.  I picked it up because it made me happy and the next day I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers’ feeds.  (Which by the way, if you don’t subscribe to the Budget Babe, please do yourself a favor and do so!  I’ve been following her blog for years! She always finds such great deals that are high quality and on trend.) 

The shirt that started it all!

BUT then I started adding to my lemon repertoire in the form of CANDLES, CAKE, and CUTE toes.  (O.k so I mean nail polish but I needed another c-word to make it more CHARMING.  Hahaha…) And it just fits this summer vibe right down to a slice added to a cold glass of sweet tea. 

So while it started with the shirt – (found in stores only $12.99)  it turned into finding a great smelling candle. 

Enter another shop that I just stumbled on while following Cotton Stem (whose site is #GOALS).  She is a big fan of a small shop called Antique Candle Works, based in Indiana.  She listed her favorite scents and one of them was Sweet Lemon and because the name and how she described it made it sound like a slice of pure lemon heaven, I was excited to get it! IMG_2711

WOW.  I mean WOW.  Not only does the simple mason jar packaging go with any decor and setting, but the smell from this candle fills my entire downstairs of the house.  And it smells like pure lemon heaven.   (I also ordered this scent and burn them together which makes my house smell incredibly delicious – I highly recommend it.) 

Next up – this.  PREPARE YOURSELF to eat an enormous amount of this cake.  I’m not kidding.  I bought three boxes and in two weeks I’ve eaten a whole cake myself and taken one to a neighbors’ so I wouldn’t eat another one. It is the best thing to take to a baby shower, pool party, kids birthday party, or just to have to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon.  It’s EASY as pie – or cake – to make and the glaze that you pour on top is so good that I could eat just that with a spoon.  If  you aren’t near a Trader Joe’s store, ask a friend or family member to get some and ship it to you; because even if you aren’t a “lemon” person, you will love this. I promise. 

Finally – toe paint! Or nail polish (the more proper term).  I saw this OPI nail color in my local Kroger store and thought “How FUN!” and it instantly boosted my mood – like this entire LEMON obsession. It also is a neutral with gold, silver, rose gold and all the fun summer prints that are out right now! 

So there you have it…..Brandi’s gone all LEMON-CRAZY this summer!  But there is definitely something to the mood-booster because every time I get a glance at my toes or a whiff of that yummy candle, it literally brightens my spirit.  I hope it does for you, too! 


xoxo, Brandi’ 






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