I am blessed to have a great network of women who I can call my friends.  They are all at various stages of their lives – single, working women; newly married women; pregnant; just having babies;  and watching their “babies” graduate from high school and college.  One of the common threads I hear from all of my friends is that they have a tough time finding clothes that work for them.  I was chatting with my own mom last night who told me she had gone bathing suit shopping the previous day and said “I hate shopping for bathing suits”.  

It’s a BRAND NEW DAY and I am here to take the HATE out of shopping! 

First off, decide if you want to invest a few hours to browse the racks of an actual store to try on clothing. Are you shopping for an event?  Are you shopping for a specific piece of clothing (such as summer shorts/bathing suit/jeans)?  What is your realistic budget?  

I have learned that for me – at this stage of life – it is far easier to shop online for things than go to a store chasing around my two year old who darts in and out of racks of clothing.  He’s also notorious for sneaking underneath other dressing room doors scaring strange women to death.  I prefer trying on clothing in my home and having the freedom to see it paired with other items that I currently have.  

Second thing – and I want you to take a deep breath with me now – what is ONE thing about your physical self that you like? Or – if you can list a handful of physical traits that you love, list those! 

Is it your eyes?  Is it your hair color?  Is it your collar bone?  Your legs?  Your butt?  Your feet?  The one thing that you love is what we want to highlight and compliment!  You will feel such a confidence booster finding something that brightens up your entire spirit. 

If you are looking to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe – I highly suggest trying a service such as Stitch Fix!  I have used them during different places in my life, when my body was in a transitional phase – post partum and while pregnant – and I appreciate the fact that at any time I can go in and change my sizes and my preferences and my assigned stylist LISTENS to me.  Also, I have been fortunate to stay right under $250 for five pieces of clothing that work for ME, which suited my budget at the time.  

Every woman is different.  (I know that you may be thinking “DUH, Brandi’, of course.”) I say that because some women loathe shorts; other women can’t stand the idea of ever wearing a sleeveless top in public; and still others believe that work out pants and a tank top is the only outfit they will ever need.  There are working women who have a more casual, creative environment; there are others who need a bit more polished/professional attire.  

I would love to hear what your daily look is and how I can assist you personally in finding options that fit your needs!  Feel free to leave a comment or email me at b.musso.starbuck@gmail.com

For NOW, though, I want to offer you some options that I feel will work for a variety of different women’s taste, budget, and body types! 

WRAP DRESS (Maxi style with pockets)


This style dress is flattering on almost every single woman I’ve ever seen it on.  It is a maxi -style (which for my petite ladies means – yes, you will have to get it hemmed!) and it has pockets!  Plus this particular style comes in several different print options – all of which are perfect for the season and at under $35, you can order it in a couple different ones! Also, it comes in short sleeve and sleeveless! PERFECTION! 




dsc_0763 (1)
Me – Rocking my kimono (Poshture Boutique)

This took me a bit to jump on the bandwagon and I really do NOT know why.  It’s a perfect accessory to enhance any basic black dress, jeans, or shorts outfit.  Plus it flatters arms and mid-section!  It’s also VERY trendy at the moment and not just for the pool/beach! I love this one because it’s lightweight and comes in several different prints! 


BASIC Everyday Dress 

Short dress

I am a fan of dresses because they literally need a piece of jewelry or a cute tote bag to pair with them and you are good to go!  This dress is a flattering cut and perfect for summer.  It can be dressed up or down and it’s short enough to be worn by my petites! I recommend going with a color that you love and want to wear!  (Maybe with that kimono above!) 


Alright, mamas….this is just a start!  What are your thoughts?  Do you want more pieces tailored for working women?  Casual wear?  I can’t wait to hear! 

xoxo, Brandi’ 



  1. TheTacoMom Reply

    I get discouraged when shopping because “responsible adult” clothes make me look like a grandma, but the “new” styles make me look like I’m trying to steal my daughter’s boyfriend!

    I (also) love StitchFix because they take the guess work out of my hands, and find things that actually flatter me AND my age.

    • I so agree! I love LOFT, Old Navy, and Target for “grown-up clothes” that aren’t too mature for my age. Thank you for the feedback too! xoxo

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