I am one of those weirdos who love direct sales.  I love the concept of getting together for a party and looking at jewelry, smelling yummy scents, tasting fun food made with unique contraptions, and trying on clothes and make-up.  It makes me happy to see someone who is working hard trying to network and grow a business and that I have helped them a bit by making a purchase I was probably going to make at some point anyway.

I am a fan of Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, and other large retailers, but at this point in my life they have never sent me a personal thank you note or let me know how my hard-earned money has impacted their life.

I have “joined” a number of direct sales companies – mostly for my own personal use discount.  Quixtar (when Amway went online); Tupperware; Isagenix; DoTerra Essential Oils; Rodan & Fields (preferred client); BeachBody; LulaRoe; Stella & Dot and Senegence (which I still actively sell with).  I would rather support someone I know versus someone I don’t or never will.

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I am of the MINORITY in this mindset.  A majority of people I know become highly annoyed with direct sales friends.  When I asked some of my close friends why this was the case these are the answers:

“I don’t want to be pressured to buy from someone I know.” 

“I haven’t heard from this person in over a decade and they choose NOW to reach out to me?  And about money/business/products?”

“They are constantly posting annoying things.” 

“I like what I like and I don’t like THAT.”

“It might work for THEM, but it won’t work for me.” 

“I don’t want to support those pyramid schemes.”

“Once one person jumps on the bandwagon, everyone does!”  

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I thought about this for myself.  I get asked to join a number of direct sales companies regularly.  It’s no secret that I love to promote things I enjoy or that have worked for me and sure, it’s nice when there’s a financial perk attached – but that isn’t my main drive.  I am flattered when someone notices that I have a good network of friends and family.  I am proud of the relationships that I’ve cultivated!  I am also flattered that they would take the time to reach out to me – even if it is a “copy and paste” message.  I’m not ignorant….I know these people want to make money and be successful and they are doing what they feel is best.  So, I send them a pleasant response back and tell them that while I appreciate the thought, I am focused on other things at this time.

If you are annoyed by a loved one’s posts on social media – have you ever given thought to simply telling them that?  If you are annoyed chances are others are annoyed too and that isn’t helping them grow their networks or businesses in ANY way, shape, or form!  Simply sending them a loving message of “You are working so hard to grow your business and I know it’s going to pay off, but if I could recommend tweaking your posts so they – are more positive, are more relatable, are easier to understand, are less sales-y, WHATEVER – I think it would boost your sales!”  Do not be afraid of offending your loved one, if your intention is truly to help them.

I love my Senegence skin care and make-up; it helped boost my confidence at a time when I needed it.  Even Coco Chanel said that putting on red lipstick can change your life.  When I put my Blu Red lipsense on, I feel like I can conquer the world.  I also know that once applied, it will last for several hours which makes it that much better – because I don’t have to think about it!  That being said, I know others have tried it and they aren’t huge fans or it doesn’t work for them.

THAT IS O.K.!!!!!!!  

One of the things in life is that one product will NOT work for every single person.  That’s why we have stores like Sephora and ULTA and countless others online to offer an array of beauty and skin care items for all different kinds of people.

And let’s just address the whole “I haven’t heard from you in over a decade” thing.  O.k…..I get it. It’s silly.  But they are being TOLD to make a list of every single human they know and reach out to them. If you were to make a list of every single person you have ever come in contact with, it would be pretty cool to see how long that list would be, am I right?  Now, if you truly believed that you have the greatest opportunity known to mankind, wouldn’t you want to share it with every single person on that list?  OF COURSE!

Think of it this way ….. if the founder of Google or Apple had you on their list and reached out to you to invest in their business years ago – even if you hadn’t heard from them in over a decade – would you have turned your nose up at the offer?  If you had, would it make you sick after seeing the success they had generated and knowing you could have had some of that same success if you had been open-minded to it?  I know – I know …..Mary Kay and Tupperware and Senegence may not be on the same level as Google or Apple, but the opportunity exists in those companies just as well!

For me,  at this chapter of my life, being a mom of two tiny humans who enjoys having flexibility to be home, direct sales is a no-brainer!  I would never promote a product that I didn’t believe in, so Senegence is a great fit for me.  I also love the friendships that it’s brought me.  Do I have to continually work at it?  YES!  I have to work diligently on a daily basis to continue to build my client base and provide my clients the customer service that they have become accustomed to (I have the best clients in the world – truly), but that is something I can do from the ease and comfort of my own home.

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So, if you are a die-hard direct seller then I applaud you and cheer you on!  Keep going and it will be worth it!  And if you are the complete opposite and are ANTI-direct sales, I ask you to take a deep breath and smile the next time you are approached by a well-intention-ed friend or family member. Reassure them that you are proud of them, but that it’s just not for you. I promise, that goes a long way for us!

xoxo, Brandi’







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