I am a runner; I have been a runner for more than a decade and one of the things I have learned when embarking on a race or even a leisure run is that I need a great song to really get me going. Once I get my pace on, I can switch over to a podcast or even an audible version of a book, but to get those first few steps at a good pace, I need a TUNE!  I look to Beyonce or Whitney Houston to get me going most of the time…..but my go-to all favorite PUMP ME UP SONG is Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor.  You can laugh….. but I was born in 1982.  Something about it always gets me jumping.  In fact, it’s playing right now…..sport-1201014_960_720

No, I’m not about to run.  I am still in work out clothes, but that’s because I haven’t changed from going to the gym this morning.  I am getting prepped for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access starting Thursday, July 12th.


You may wonder WHY this is such a big deal?  Why do all the fashion/beauty/mom/lifestyle/influencer bloggers spend so much time getting all hyped up over it?  And what does it mean for YOU?

Well, my friends, I am here to share what the low-down is.  First of all, Nordstrom is one of the top department stores in the country that offers TOP NOTCH customer service, an incredible selection of product; both high-end and budget-friendly, and it’s one of those places that truly appeals to every individual.  If you haven’t shopped Nordstrom in a while-or ever- NOW is the time to give it another shot.  If you are an expert Nordstrom shopper, you have your Nordstrom Rewards locked and loaded and you have an alarm set for the drool-worthy studded booties that you just KNOW will sell out in one day of the sale. Most people are in between!  booties

What is the deal with the Anniversary Sale?  

Nordstrom offers lowered pricing on thousands of items that are on trend and popular for the upcoming FALL season.  The norm is that shops will offer lowered pricing on PAST season items to lower their inventory for the upcoming season.  Nordstrom rewards their loyal following and shoppers by offering the “IT” pieces for the season approaching by marking them ‘on sale’. This means that shoppers can stock up – mostly guilt-free – on items for back to school and the fashionable seasons of Fall and Winter.

Why do so many bloggers cover the #NSALE?

Something I have learned is that if you are a regular fashion/beauty/mom/lifestyle blogger with a significant following you can partner with brands and online shops to become affiliates or ambassadors of their brand.  In return for promoting their items, bloggers and promoters receive a commission on items purchased from their specific links.  Very interesting, right?  This means that if you have a couple of bloggers that you are currently following covering the sale and you trust their judgement – then by all means I encourage you to shop their links!  This is just one way bloggers get paid!  With the HUGE amount of appeal of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, this revenue opportunity is one that bloggers rely on.  You may see the same items being covered and that is because there are coveted, on-trend items that will be the rage come September!

Things to know before the sale

If you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you will have access to shop the sale six days prior to the sale opening to the public.  I was drinking a bottle of wine alone two years ago and applied for one before the sale and Bryan will tell you that was probably a HUGE mistake.  Hahaha…..I DO NOT recommend going into debt for a sale, but I will say that the rewards of being a Nordstrom cardholder are pretty good.  You can learn all about them here.

Plan for what you are shopping for!  Go through your closet and determine if you are in need of a new pair of tennis shoes; new workout leggings; a statement coat; a leather jacket; some new make-up; gifts for Christmas; a new handbag; or a new pair of boots.  Maybe you just want to treat yourself to one or two small ticket items?  Or just ONE really large one! capri blue

Determine a budget and STICK TO IT!  If you are reading this and you are like me and a stay-at-home mom and spend most days in yoga pants and a tank top, you may want to invest in these (I own two pairs of these leggings and they are AMAZING – one has been through countless wears and washes in two years and I still reach for them every single time!  They will be under $40).  For basics, you will want to stock up on these (high-quality and great fitting tees) because they will be under $20!

Items to look out for!  Tory Burch usually has some of her bags in the sale and I carried one for a year or so before Bryan treated me to my LV Neverfull.  I loved the way it fit everything and it was classic in style; so if you have been eyeing one for a while, now is a great time to treat yourself!  Also, it’s rumored that QUAY sunglasses will be marked down to $32-$39! Nordstrom also has a great markdown on the PMD (Personal Microderm Device) – I haven’t ever used it, but it’s a favorite of the beauty blogger crowd! I have my eye on THESE booties – I saw them in the catalog and am thinking they will be one of my treats that will be on the repeat in the fall!

A DISCLAIMER – Getting a new credit card and racking it up with charges for fall fashion and beauty items may be so far out of your realm of thought that it’s laughable.  If you are NOT participating in the sale, that doesn’t mean a hill of beans of difference to me.  I still value you and want you to keep reading about my other crazy thoughts and ideas.  Also, I will be focusing on smaller scale items that we will be using for gifts for the holidays!  (Sorry friends – spoiler alert!) Last year I only bought a couple things because I stocked up the year before.

OH AND Remember, the song – EYE OF THE TIGER…..we have to really turn it up a notch.  Because Monday, July 16th is AMAZON PRIME DAY!  EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!  Give me all the iced coffee!!!! d-D3_App









Love you guys and stay PUMPED!  Catch you in two more days!!!!

xoxo, Brandi’




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