Alright, my friends. I am here to show you how ONE piece of clothing – a simple, no frills, jersey-knit, V-Neck dress can be dressed UP or down with items from your existing wardrobe!  I was skeptical of this dress, because when I stumbled upon it from the amazing Mallory – the dress was actually marked down to $9.99 for #primeday.  However, digging around a bit I found that Amazon does mark this particular dress down for Prime Day deals and Black Friday….so stay tuned!

However, I went back and purchased it again in some other colors (olive green and slate gray) at the full price ($18) because it was WELL worth it.

I often get questions from women about wanting to look feminine and “put together” but don’t know where to start.  Also, for women of all different sizes and styles.  No one has any time to really put a lot of thought into getting dressed because we are running around kids or trying to get to work on time, so I’m here to take the guesswork out of it for you!

Let’s start with the DRESS, which will be the foundation of every single outfit that I’m about to style for you.  It is available to AMAZON PRIME members only and runs $18, with free 2-day shipping. It offers a selection of 12 various prints and color options and runs XS – XXL sizes 0-22, runs true to size.  This particular dress is the V-Neck version because I find that a V-neck looks a bit dressier and flatters everyone.  There is a scoop neck version with over 150 positive reviews. It is made from a Viscose/Elastane material which means it’s very soft and drapes nicely away from the skin – so it doesn’t cling.  It is also machine washable OR dry cleanable, so either way low-maintenance.

I purchased a variety of colors for you to see the difference in styling, but you can use just black for any of these styling methods. Black is basic and classic.

First Option:  Wearing solo. You can wear this all by itself and pair it with Converse tennis shoes and it look fabulous.  For a bit dressier style option, pair it with metallic flats and some statement earrings. Done and done.


Second Option: Pair with a Utility or Sweater Vest. The black can be worn with a green or gray or even khaki vest. It falls perfectly so if you are feeling a bit less-than-slim, you can use the vest to hide the belly! Throw it together with a pair of booties or wedges  and a simple necklace and you are good to go!


Third option:  Throw a Scarf over it! I love that it can be a transitional piece from summer to fall especially here in the South where we have warm weather until November! If it does get chilly, it’s perfect for a full blanket scarf to be worn more as a poncho style and if it gets warm, toss it over to use as an accessory! Pair it with ankle boots or knee-boots to create a different look.


Fourth option: Denim makes everything better!  If you don’t have a high-quality, good fitting jean jacket, then here’s a good recommendation.  Every single person on the planet needs one. It’s a STAPLE in the closet – especially if you are a mom. You never know when you will need to actually button it up and wear it as a top (thank you spit up, snot, or ketchup-hands). Also, a button up chambray blouse will also work. This is a great outfit if you literally running out of the door with one kid clinging to your leg because it doesn’t require any outfit planning or matching whatsoever.  You can wear flip flops, slides, tennis shoes, or booties and the outfit will magically work. Also – you can toss on a baseball hat (here’s mine in my $2 Walmart camo cap – found in store only) and it looks adorable!

Fifth option:  Date Night Inspiration! It’s a black dress that can be dressed up with statement earrings and some hot shoes! Also, a bright boyfriend blazer and heels! Also, if you want to add a belt, this is a perfect silhouette to do it.


Sixth option: Work-it, girl. This is a fantastic option for office hours appropriate dress-code. Pair it with a light cardigan and flats with a simple long necklace and you’ve got a work-uniform for days.  Change out the necklace for a scarf option and you get a whole new look.  You can also toss on a more fitted blazer for a more polished look.  Never go wrong with black-on-black.


Tweak as needed…..what does that mean?

If it’s cold out, throw a cardigan over it and knitted tights or leggings underneath! If it’s warm, toss the accessories and slide into a pair of flip flops with it!  What I love about this dress is that it can literally be worn so many various ways and look put together and stylish! I encourage you to try it out on things you have currently in your closet! IMG_4777


I hope you are encouraged to use this as a base reference for transitioning YOUR seasonal closet staples and jazz up your current outfit routine!  How would you style this dress for your lifestyle?


xoxo, Brandi’





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