Today is a HUGE day in my life. No, not my birthday.  Not my wedding anniversary.  Not my kids’ birthdays.


As a girl who has always loved make up and beauty products, I tried out Lipsense by Senegence back in October 2016 and I never looked back! Today, I’m giving away a free lip color to my VIB’s on Facebook – so if you haven’t joined my group, today is a great day to do it!  Who doesn’t love a FREE lip color?  MAC Cosmetics is also giving away a free color – but beware, it will come right off on your coffee cup, kids cheeks, and anything else that touches your lips.  (Hence, why I jumped ship to LipSense!)

I feel so much more put together when I have some lip color on and when it lasts all day – it’s icing on the cake! 18527707_10212013436638953_3332969583259674395_n

What’s your favorite shade of lip color?  Tell me in comments or share it with me on social media! 


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