I have been a fan of personal growth and development since one of my ex-boyfriends talked me into joining Quixtar. (An online version of Amway.) It was through that direct sales organization that I was introduced to books such as The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People; How to Win Friends and Influence People; The 5 Love Languages. I fell in love with the magical stories of Og Mandino and Tony Robbins. While my relationship with the guy and the business ended; my love for personal development kept growing.51dZ6EeK+OL._SL250_

A few months ago I read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and it spoke to me as the role I was currently in. WIFE. MOM. BUSINESS OWNER. I had a ton of self-doubt and negativity swirling in my everyday thoughts. Reading Rachel’s book was truly like having a long chat with my best friend over a bottle of wine. There were tough things to hear, but necessary for me to grow.

I have written many pieces in relation to her book, but I am excited to share with you about her documentary – Rachel Hollis Presents MADE FOR MORE – that appeared in theaters across the US and Canada last night.rachel-hollis-header-32b1f1b860dc598ec38c37f71c07d4e9


Of course, I had been anticipating it for weeks! Heightened by the fact that I had been blessed with an interview with Mr. Dave Hollis – husband of Rachel Hollis and co-producer of the documentary. Read more about that on my post with the Columbia SC Mom’s Blog. As soon as it was announced, I bought two tickets – of course Bryan was going to go. Haha! I didn’t have to force him though; he was happy and willing to go … even if he was the only male presence in the theater. (Which he was!) My two girlfriends bought tickets to go see it together and we made plans to grab appetizers and drinks before the movie. Hired a sitter, bought a pair of studded mules, and off we went!

It wasn’t as crowded as I had thought it would be, but I was grateful! We got the good seats. The movie began with snippets of Rachel doing the audio recording of her book. The documentary focused on the RISE Conference they had sponsored back in April- when the book had just been released. The conference was planned to give women the tools they needed to take control of their own lives and to become the best versions of themselves- whatever that meant for THEM.

I think I had tears streaming down my face for the entire movie. They weren’t sad tears; rather, I was overwhelmed with empathy for the women in my life. For the women being shown at the conference. For the women sitting around me in the theater. One thing I have learned in the last few years….. each one of us has a significant story to share. We all have scars. Pain. Trauma.

I was very moved by one part of the documentary which was a session of the conference that Rachel called “Stand Up for a Sister.” The conference attendants passed out a sheet of paper with a list of very personal and difficult questions with boxes next to them to be checked. Things such as “I have been raped. ” “I have been sexually abused.” “I have battled with drug addiction.” “I hate the way my body looks.” It was an anonymous exercise. Once the women completed their sheets they had to pass them around continuously to others so that at one point no one knew where their sheet had gone. And Rachel and her Emcee went through and read the list of questions. Every time a woman holding the sheet had a checked box she was asked to stand. Stand up for the sister that had gone through that experience or had that feeling. Stand up for HER when she may not have been able to stand for herself.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why are we so lonely and isolated and judgmental to one another? Why is it so difficult to make friends? Why can’t we recognize that the woman standing across from us at the Starbucks is probably more like us than she is different? She has a story and if we just reached out and asked her about it- no telling the impact it could make.BBAB5E84-C764-4606-BDF0-2F6FCDECE98F

I won’t share the rest as I am hoping leaving you on the edge will push you to buy a ticket for the next-and LAST- showing on Monday, August 13th. I will say that the four of us sat in the theater alone until the absolute end of the documentary. We were the only ones left and all of us felt inspired and emotionally charged as we walked out.

One thing was certain- we are definitely made for more.

Xoxo, Brandí


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