Ya’ll know I am ALL about styling ONE item multiple ways…so when I got an influx of messages about this ONE particular dress that I featured on my Instagram stories, I decided to do a bit more research on it.

Apparently, I live under a rock.  This DRESS is considered to be “THE DRESS” of the Insta-Fashion-Influencer-Blogger World.  Sold at Nordstrom stores and online, this Ruched BodyCon Tank dress, made by LEITH is one of their top sellers!  With 2.3k rave reviews of this dress and at a kinda steep price of $56 – I had to wonder “Is it really worth all the hype?”  I mean, it’s a dress!  _12959601

Then, I went to Nordstrom for a try-on during their Annual Anniversary Sale and I tried it on, as well as my friend, Nina.  Two different sized women that it complimented very well.  Because of the nice neckline, side-ruching, and the high-quality fabric, I felt that it was well worth the $56.  I tried on the Burgundy Stem and the Tan Dusk Heather colors in a size Medium.  I styled them quickly with a cardigan and went about my life – not buying it at that time.

And THEN I got a TON of messages after posting my try-on about this dress!  I had major FOMO (fear of missing out) and ordered the dress in the color Red Baroque (which was actually more pink in person) and ordered a size Small, since I wanted less fabric and for it to be a bit shorter. When I wore it today, with a denim jacket I also got a TON of messages.  So I thought “I’ll do a blog post about it” and here we are!


And then I got creative and started seeing ALL the possibilities to justify the $56 purchase!  (Sorry, babe!)

#1) Simple – nothing added except ankle booties! You can’t see them, but I’m wearing simple gold hammered hoops and that’s all.  The dress is perfect for wearing solo!


#2) Add a utility vest!  Ya’ll know I love this thing – I wear it at least 1-2 times a week!  If you don’t have one, this is a good option. IMG_5914

#3) You can NEVER go wrong with a Chambray shirt!  Tie it up at the waist or let it flow.  It adds a layer, but it’s not as heavy as a denim jacket.  If you don’t have a Chambray shirt, it’s a MUST have.  Mine is an older style Old Navy that I found for $9 at my local consignment store, but I really like this one too! IMG_5926


#4) Add a knotted back sweater over it!  I am so proud of myself for stepping outside the box with this one.  But I have THREE of these sweaters that honestly, I had no idea what to do with and this really worked!  It added a cool pop of uniqueness to the back of the already cute dress.


#5) My summer-kimono!  A perfect transition piece from summer to a bit cooler weather.  I love how this one works so well with multiple pieces in my closet!  IMG_5917


#6) Add a utility jacket!  I also wear this one on the regular.  It’s lightweight and goes with everything!  I added some leopard to add some “fall” vibe, but you could easily replace it with a necklace and be done! IMG_5928


#6) DRESS IT UP!  Add a statement necklace and a cute clutch and heels and you are wedding-guest dressed!  Super easy and comfy for a night of dancing! IMG_5908


#7) Get EDGY!  Add a leather moto jacket and some HOT booties and call for a sitter.  You’re ready for DATE NIGHT!  🙂 IMG_5912


#8) On the flip side – GET COZY! Add a soft cardi and UGG boots and head out feeling like you’re in some PJ’s! IMG_5915


#9) Add a boyfriend blazer and some cute mules or flats for a work day or meeting!  I would probably recommend going up a size for work, just so it’s a bit longer – but if you work in a creative environment your true size would be just fine. IMG_5910


So, my friends….there you have it.  Basically 10 different options (with the denim jacket) for styling ONE dress.  This works out to $5.60 per wear with 10 styling options.  NOT TOO SHABBY!  Due to the fabric, I would say either dry clean this one or hand wash and hang to dry to keep the color at that rich pigment.

What are your thoughts on this?  Have you tried it on?  Give me your feedback below!


xoxo, Brandi’


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