As you now have probably realized, I like to switch it up seasonally for my wardrobe, my recipe rotation, and the same is true with my beauty routine.  In summer, I do bright and colorful.  In fall, I do a bit more muted with tones of purple and brown and olive.  With just a few color updates, you can have your entire beauty routine FALL-ready!

Also- Sephora’s semi-annual VIB (Very Important Beauty) Insider sale is coming up on August 30th and there are a few things I like to stock up on that compliment my Senegence products, so I will be including those picks as well!

Color-Match Your Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation

With the fade of summer, so goes the summer tan. Often- even unintentionally trying to- our skin gets a shade or two darker in the summer when the sun is at the strongest. Nothing worse than having an orange line right at your jaw! I prefer tinted moisturizer for everyday wear and foundation for more of a “made-up” look. I wear the Senegence Medium Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in summer and change to Light in fall. I love this stuff because it covers so well without feeling heavy, smells wonderful, and adjusts up to 5 levels of skin tone up OR down as you blend it! Comes in Light, Medium, and Deep. For Foundation, it’s important to get a sample or have a color match done with a distributor or consultant. There are several shades that have warm, cool, or neutral tones. I use MakeSense Foundation in Dewy in the fall, which is the most popular shade because it has neutral undertones. Just to show you how much I lighten, I am currently wearing Cafe Au Lait. For non-Senegence wearers, I use to wear Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hr Full Foundation and Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation.

Take your blush down a notch!

I have always loved Nars Orgasm blush. It is universally flattering and has a hint of shimmer that creates a beautiful flush. And it’s still my go-to when I want a powder blush. Sadly, it fades within an hour of application. I prefer a cream base blush now because it lasts longer. In the summer I mix Terra Cotta (coral) and Pink Berry (bright pink) BlushSense and for fall, I use Terra Cotta and Toasted Rose (lavender) for a more muted tone. I also prefer less shimmer in fall and more matte base.m_5a946bf3a825a67de2f6d675

All about the EYES!

In the beauty realm there is an eyeshadow palette that is retiring. I owned the palate and I will be honest- I used the same three or four shades over and over again. I believe most of us do! I recommend using a few base colors for everyday and a few seperate ones for evening wear. And seasonally changing out accent colors! Again, for summer it was pops of brighter shimmer and for fall, I prefer Smokey tones, natural shades, and just a hint of shimmer. My favorite quad pick of ShadowSense is Sandstone Pearl Shimmer (base), Garnet (transition), Copper Rose Shimmer (accent), and Onyx as a liner. This compliments all eye colors and skin tones. I love it! Another color I add in for fall is Smoked Topaz – a camo green shade and Amethyst – a nice lavender matte shade.23561323_10155797221870675_8651095300765463864_n

Now for the LIPS!

Just like a cherry on top of a sundae or the chocolate bar on a snore…. ya gotta have some color on those lips! I prefer these shades for fall in LipSense.




Caramel Latte



Now for the non-Senegence recommendations and the Sephora Sale!

Twice a year Sephora gives their Beauty Insiders (email subscribers and rewards program participants) 10-20% off their purchases! This is a sweet deal given a lot of these brands typically never go on sale. So what do I stock up on?

Brow FillerAnastasia Brow Wiz (Dark Brown). I have already mentioned how much I love this product. It’s fool-proof and literally can polish up my whole look. I am also going to be trying Benefits Gimme Brow! again (color 6) because it may be a bit quicker to apply. I figure with the VIB Insider sale, it will be a good time to try it!IMG_1892-1-800x683

THE Mascara– I have tried everything. Seriously- everything. I have now determined that the Diorshow Blackout Mascara is hands down the best ever. I stock up whenever it goes on sale. I also want to forewarn- this mascara is thick, very black, and has to be applied lightly. Also, I only apply one coat and then apply Senegence LashSense (black) to seal the lashes to make them waterproof, anti-flake, smearproof, and basically long and natural looking ALL DAY.


Living Proof Hair Products– I love the Full Volume Dry Blast! It’s truly so volumizing and great for when I need some extra Va-va-voom! I also plan on trying out their new body builder product too!

Men and Women Fragrances – A perfect time to get gifts for friends, Sephora has a great variety of roller ball perfumes! My favorites include: Issey Miyake, Chloe, Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy, and Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I also love the cologne gift sets for the man in my life! Our anniversary is September 26th so I may have to get him some goodies! In the past, I have purchased him this gift set which is a great sampler of some amazingly yummy scents (and they last forever!) and this Jo Malone cologne which makes me want to tear the clothes right off of him (so it’s a win-win).

So, that’s what I’ve got for my FALL beauty line-up.  Since this is just my BEAUTY/Make-Up round-up, I will do a separate skin care haul.  Most of it is Senegence with a few BeautyCounter products, but for the sake of appealing to the masses, I will throw a few Sephora options in there, too!

I also have some fantastic giveaways to announce this week…so stay tuned!  AND….if you want to check out my new Youtube video on using a basic Eyebrush kit that I posted over the weekend, I would love feedback!  IMG_6643

Comment below with what you’re excited to purchase for fall beauty update!

xoxo, Brandi’




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