Well, another week has passed.  Hurricane Florence brought us rain and some light winds, but nothing substantial.  We did have loved ones affected far worse and for that, we are humbled by our experience. IMG_6075

Yes, Sextember is still happening in the Starbuck household.  It is the end of week 3.


The first week we were both so excited.  We had a blast just embarking on something so different.  It was sexy, it was spontaneous, it was FUN.

The second week took a bit more creativity and effort.  The fun was still there, but we overcame obstacles and made it work.

The third week was rough.  I’m not gonna lie…..I was ready to hold up my white flag and call “I Surrender!”


Friday of week 3

The first day of week 3 we failed miserably.  I had a migraine – YES, a legitimate excruciating headache (not an excuse headache).  My neck had been in severe pain the last few weeks and I needed to see a chiropractor, but I had procrastinated and by then it was past the point of no return.  So, I kissed my husband good-night and went to sleep.  The next day we tried to make up for it, but we only had 10 minutes of the kids being occupied enough to sneak upstairs. And by nightfall, I was exhausted again.

We pressed onward.  Although, as the week passed I waned in my resolve to continue.  It felt as if the challenge had presented itself as more of a “need to do this” versus “I’m enjoying this.”  It felt more like a job to me than a pleasurable experience.

Thursday of week 3

We had a fight.  And we went to bed angry.  GASP.  In fact, to be completely transparent – I slept on the couch downstairs while Bryan slept in our comfy bed upstairs.  I am stubborn that way.  Yes, we argue.  We argue over stupid things like how much I spend on pretty camisole bodysuits.  In fact, this challenge has shed light on the fact that as a couple, sex – while a very important aspect of our marriage- is not the most important facet of our relationship.  Communication is still vital to maintaining a strong union – even when it’s awkward and childish and infuriating.  I’m not proud of the fact that we missed two nights this week, but I’m also not going to throw in the towel entirely.  2588718_0

I am starting to realize that “everyday sex” may be great for when you are just starting a new relationship – or if you happen to be a true blue nymphomaniac.  But for an established relationship – especially if you have hectic work schedules, kids, stressful circumstances – it may be QUALITY over QUANTITY.

According to Mr. Google – there are 9% of women in the U.S. that would choose to have sex everyday.  Apparently, 18% of men would choose to take that same route. A mere 4% of couples are actually doing the deed everyday, which means that the majority of us regular folks who have sex a few times a week are in that sweet spot of life- sex balance. 

So, another week is in the books – and I am determined to finish Sextember stronger than ever.  We celebrate our wedding anniversary this week (Wednesday, the 26th) and I am going to hold off on purchasing any more bodysuits in order to maintain tranquil, sexy peace in my household.  (Haha….kind of, not really)

Anyone want to join in on the challenge with us this coming week?  Drop me a comment below!

xoxo Brandí







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