October is my second favorite month, after May.  I’m not sure why – but it has been since I was young. I’ve also lived in places that have rarely had a true “fall” season, but maybe one day?

Maybe because it’s when the air changes just slightly and loses just a tiny bit of it’s sweltering humidity.  The mornings are cool and quiet and as the sun slowly rises, even the brown leaves on the trees have a golden hue.  Pumpkin stands crop up and scenes take on a warmer, cozier vibe. download

It’s also the last month before the holiday craziness and non-stop planning of events, parties, vendor shows, and family travel days begin, so I savor it and cherish the calm before the storm.

In Octobers’ past, I have gone off the rails of my wellness path – giving into dark, cold mornings by staying in bed, indulging in a second piece of pie because I wear mostly leggings and long sweaters anyway, and don’t get me started on the Halloween candy.

NOT THIS YEAR, my friends.

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This year, I am embarking on the #last90days challenge with Ms. Rachel Hollis.  If you want to join in, I would love to have you as an accountability partner!  Just sign up here.

The gist is that we approach the LAST 90 days of the year with the same motivation and goal-setting as we do the FIRST 90 days of the year – truly gaining all the benefits of all the New Years’ resolutions that we all have failed at time and time again.  It’s pretty genius, actually!

There are 5 TO THRIVE, which are the 5 things we will implement every day of the #last90days program! There will be weekly emails from The Chic Site to inspire us and motivate us with tips and tricks to THRIVE.

I LOVE the fact that we are giving up ONE food category that we know isn’t healthy for us.  For me, this would be a number of things – but since I know I am not willing to give up nachos, pie, or wine, I will give up something I think I can commit to giving up — FAST FOOD.  This would include munching on Chick Fil-A nuggets while on the way to the gym with the kids, an occasional Mc’D’s breakfast sandwich….you get the idea.  I don’t realize how often I partake in the quick convenience of fast food chains, but it’s more often that I should.  So I will be giving up FAST FOOD as of October 1!

As for the time of day I wake up – I’m going to aim for 6 AM instead of the usual 7 AM.  And I will strive for 30 minutes of activity per day.  The water consumption is a norm for me, but I will attempt to LIMIT my iced coffee intake in the afternoons.  That is another thing that isn’t the healthiest for me, because honestly – it probably has too much sugar and cream.  (NO judgement, remember!)

For my gratitude journal, I plan to do this in the evening – before going to bed, because while I am grateful for just being able to wake up in the mornings, I feel so happy when everyone in my home is tucked safely in their beds and I can truly count my blessings.

So, who’s ON BOARD with this?  I have thought about starting a Facebook group for just my Brand New Day community and have a place for us to trade recipes, tips, and encouragement – especially during this challenge!  If you like the idea, drop me a comment – or send me an email!

Now, carry on with your September Saturday…..there’s one more day to sign up!

xoxo Brandí



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  1. Totally on board! Day 1 went well. It became obvious, though, that the 30-min workout is going to be the biggest challenge for me (and I work somewhere that has a gym – yes, I’m hanging my head in shame lol). Looking forward to seeing your journey!

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