I posted THREE blog posts on Sunday, the last day of September 2018.  And then – I fell silent.  Is a blogger supposed to admit to her readers that she honestly didn’t have anything to say?


Well, I’ll say it.  I’ve been quiet this last week because I’m in somewhat of a survival mode.  So many changes in October are happening in our household.  Fall is truly the season that teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go.

Sunday, October 6th was the first day of Bryan’s new schedule.  Sunday-Thursday 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM.  Poor guy.  He loves his work, though, so it’s a burden he’s fine with bearing. The kids and I already miss him and we are only three days in.  I am humbled in my realization that I am spoiled by having him home as much as we do.  Also – that he is a significant EQUAL PARENT.  When he walks through the front door he goes into “Daddy-mode” and helps with dishes, laundry, baths, bedtime…and of course, he is the best tickler and Dinosaur ever.

This week I’m heading to my Senegence Leadership Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am excited to see my friends and mentors!  I am also thrilled to be hearing Rachel Hollis – my current girl-crush – speak on Friday as our keynote speaker!  It’s an honor and privilege to see her in person.  And on the flip side, it’s also a bit bittersweet.  I am winding down on my direct sales gig and making it more casual for 2019.  Senegence has blessed me with the opportunity to be home with my babies and enjoy a more relaxed schedule and so much more, but it is now time for this MAMA to head back to work!  IMG_1119

Most of you know in addition to Senegence, I am a Barré instructor for MUV Fitness and also work with the Columbia SC Moms Blog!  Along with those jobs, I have been taking the courses needed to get my South Carolina Insurance Producer’s License in order to get my license to sell Life Insurance.  If all goes well, the actual selling will begin in the next 2 weeks!  In the meantime, I’m studying like a crazy woman!  43470044_697619340613822_2387190724887052288_n

We are blessed to have Marshall return to his former in-home day mama (Miss Tarsha – she’s FAMILY!) because there miraculously was a spot open.  I haven’t decided on my weekly schedule, but I am going to put in as much effort as humanly possible in the coming months to set myself up for a smashing January 2019!

I will be completely transparent with you and tell you that there have been a lot of things that I thought I would do in my life and selling life insurance IS NOT one of them.  (Insert half chuckle.)  That being said, I am always open to new adventures and based on my life’s experiences, I am both intrigued and excited by the potential that this new chapter will bring.  I never know where my life may take it’s next turn and I’m o.k. with that, because it usually leads somewhere better than I could have ever hoped for.

On a lighter note, I will be attempting to do an Amazon-haul in the coming week so stay tuned for that AND a recap of my leadership conference and some take-aways to use in all of our everyday lives!

Love you all!

xoxo Brandí



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  1. Wishing you the best of luck with your licensure and this new chapter of your life. I think you’ll find periods of crickets at most of our blogs, so you’re in good company with people who understand. Can’t wait to hear about your Rachel Hollis experience (I’m fangirling vicariously)!

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