Hello my lovelies!  Sorry for being so M.I.A….these last few weeks have been a whirlwind!  But I am so excited to share with you some of the cute things I’ve snagged from Amazon!

This long-sleeved floral print dress  Had good reviews and snagged it during a Lightning Deal for $16.  Pretty fall colors and has pockets!  Um – HELLO!  Fits true to size (shown in size Small).



The Double G Belt 

I’ve been watching bloggers wear the Gucci belt for months and longing for one of my own, but for me to spend almost $500 for a belt it would have to get up and do my laundry for me.  Since I doubt even Gucci can swing that one, I have been browsing for a knock-off version.  I took a chance on this one and was very pleased!  For around $25 (I paid for upgraded shipping) it came and it was better quality than I had anticipated it!  I actually love it! E79F1BFD-25A8-40D1-AB11-BDBE3A8507C0


Oversized Chunky Knit Sweater 

I ordered this after seeing one in a boutique for double the price.  I will say that when I ordered it, I bit the bullet on a non-prime item and it took almost 6 weeks to arrive.  Once it did, though, I found it to be very well-made and true to size. I wished I had ordered another color – but the gray is very versatile and looks great with blue and black denim and long enough to be worn with leggings!  Win-win! IMG_9281


Things I have currently in my cart:

Work/Cocktail Dress

It is almost the season for a lot of parties and dress-wearing occasions so I would like a good dress to wear with a blazer or dressy sweater and some booties!  This one is under $10, PRIME, and has amazing reviews!


Fleece Pullover 

I’ve had this one in my cart for a long while now and I haven’t pulled the trigger.  But I’ve seen it on several bloggers that I follow and it looks adorable.  Plus for $25.99 and prime shipping there’s really not much else that I need to know! 91gJY6H3BKL._UX522_

Striped Cardigan 

I’m already looking towards the holidays so I’m eyeing this red/gray/black striped cardigan; but there is also a cute orange/yellow one that is perfect for the rest of the fall season, too.  At under $23, it’s worth trying out!



I have been eyeing a similar one for months, but couldn’t help myself when I saw this one for around $25!  I mean, come ON!  I also grabbed the brown one, too! 61oWIz6LOVL._SX425_

A small haul, but a good one – nonetheless!  I hope you guys enjoy my picks and I love seeing you style what you end up with!






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