I’m not a big fan of Halloween.  Truth be told, I am deathly afraid of the movie character E.T. (still to this day I CANNOT see or hear anything having to do with him).  I also loathe scary movies and pretty much HATE being scared by anything so this isn’t my holiday.  I do enjoy seeing my kids get cute and dressed up, but even more than that?

I LOVE the candy!  


Hands down, my favorites are Reese’s Peanut Cups (or Pumpkins this time of year), Twix, Kit Kat, Starburst, and Twizzlers.  What’s your favorite candy?  Don’t think too hard about it….just close your eyes and think “If I was in the candy aisle at the drug store – which one would I grab first?”  Works every time!

2012 -We did dress up and party! 

Back in the day, my guy and I would get dressed up and party it up!  But now that we are a bit more mature and we have children that require bedtime rituals that start at 7:30 PM we stay in and go through all the Halloween candy that they got that night and sort it into piles of “Good” and “Bad”.  The bad candy typically include things like peppermint discs, butterscotch, and Raisenettes (sorry, I know some of you guys love those things).  The good candy gets split into two bowls.  The smaller bowl is for the kids to enjoy over the next few days to weeks.  The larger is ours to enjoy with a glass of wine! Over the years we’ve learned how to pair certain candy with certain flavors of adult beverages*.  I’m here to share the wealth!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Sweet wine (example, Lambrusco or Port) The peanut butter offsets the sweetness of the wine and it goes really well together! 

Twix – Pinot Noir, try Trader Joe’s – they have such a great selection! 

Skittles – Riesling – My personal favorite is Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, it’s sweeter but crisp and refreshing! 

Hershey Kisses- Cabernet Sauvignon, perfection! 

Kit Kat – Pinot Noir, again, a great staple wine to have on hand. 

Candy Corn – Chardonnay (the butterier the better….PUN INTENDED!) 

Red Twizzlers – Rosé (This pairing is my favorite!)  Try drinking the wine from a twizzler – you will never have so much fun in your life! 

Sour Patch Kids – Riesling; be sure to sip it on the “sweet” side of the candy! 

To all those other homebuddies out there, enjoy digging through the “good” candy and pour yourself a glass of vino! Cheers, ya’ll!

*Please enjoy alcohol responsibly by being over the legal age of 21 and not drinking and driving.







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