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Hey ya’ll!

For all those following along on our  latest journey to Mississippi.…it was an interesting event, to say the least.  3 dogs +2 cars +2 kids under five + 9 hours of driving time = MAMA LOSING HER MIND.


Now that we’ve been here for the past 3 weeks, I can finally say we are unpacked – things are organized and put away (for the most part) and we are in a somewhat normal routine.  I say that with a bit of hesitation because it’s not the routine I had thought it would be, but what is life if it doesn’t throw some curveballs at you?  BORING, am I right?  (hahaha….I keep telling myself this.)

My plan had been to work with my Life Insurance business two to three days a week while both kids were in daycare/preschool.  The first day I walked Mackenzie into the new school I found out it was only half day care.  So, basically I have 6 hours a week of kid-free time.  Barely enough to shower, do a load of laundry and run to the grocery store.  As I chatted with the director of the preschool/daycare I watched my dreams slowly implode along with my freedom to spend my days doing what I wanted to do.  But, as most moms know – we are MAMAS.  We take care of our babies first and foremost and everything else falls into place.  IMG_3068

I will say that both the kids have enjoyed the new school and it seems to be refreshing to both of them to only be gone for a few hours each day.  (Marshall hates when Mackenzie leaves him Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but so far I’ve made up for it with a quick stop at the local Donut Palace.)

A week ago I caught the cold/flu virus that everyone has been throwing around and let me just say that it is NO JOKE.  I was in bed for two days (thanks to my amazing husband who stayed home to take care of me and help unpack the house) and felt a bit like death rolled over.  I’m still coughing a good bit, but I feel better and I was proud of the fact that I bounced back as quickly as I could.

Bryan loves his new job.  He comes home happier than I’ve seen him in years. Truly – this is a huge blessing for him in his career, but also for our family.  He has a great schedule and is in the process of hand-selecting his team of engineers to work on upcoming projects.  I couldn’t be prouder of him.

The house is amazing.  We absolutely love being on one-level and even though it’s smaller than where we lived in Blythewood, it is comfortable and is starting to feel like home. We still haven’t decorated everything, but it will come together one piece at a time.

I have met a lot of interesting and kind people since arriving here just three weeks ago.  Thank goodness for Facebook and Instagram!  I connected with a fellow lifestyle blogger, Heather Montgomery, about two weeks before we moved through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program I started (more on that later – STAY TUNED!).  Come to find out her husband is from here and they settled back here just a few weeks ago themselves!  I am so grateful to her for all of her help and welcoming us to the area.  And check out her blog – Through Heather’s Looking Glass!  It’s so good! I have met a handful of women at the local Orangetheory in Madison and I also joined a local Healthplex gym with a ton of class offerings and even Boot Camp sessions!

Several months ago I joined a Facebook group for Madison Moms – back when I told Bryan I was absolutely never going to move to Mississippi – ha!.  Through that group I have met some incredible women and actually organized a wine-meet up next week, so I am excited about that.

As for the area, I really like it.  The Kroger doesn’t have a Starbucks inside, but other than that, it’s variety is perfect for my new lifestyle of eating.  (Yes, I’m tempting you…..but I won’t tell you just yet!)  We’ve tried a couple of new pizza places and they have all been very good.  Today we took the kids to Liberty Park for the first time and oh my goodness…..Seriously, the best park I’ve ever seen in my life. It had a zip line.  And an entire treehouse/village place. And tons of kids and moms! It’s a MOM MECCA!  haha….

My mom is coming in town next week and I couldn’t be more excited!  Bryan and I are going to have a date night out and hit up somewhere local and fun and I can’t wait to share more about the local eateries and bars in our new town.

So for now – I am a officially a Stay-at-home-mom-blogger-Senegence-distributor who works out and cooks a lot.  But that title is ever-evolving….so again, stay tuned.

Love you guys!




Single, 40-something, working mama of 2 amazing kiddos, Mackenzie and Marshall. There's no judgement here in this little space of the web - in fact, if it's 8:30 AM and you grab a glass of bourbon, I will find mine and join you. We are all just doing the best we can with each gifted day. It's a brand new day and that's something to celebrate.

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