This is a different sort of post than I normally write, but it’s just as important to me. It’s about washing my face. NO, I’m serious. Like, not my favorite self-development book title.

I even recorded a video about it and uploaded it to YouTube, like a REAL vlogger. WHO KNEW???

It’s not as glamorous of a subject as some of the others I’ve mentioned, but it’s the premise for whether or not your skin is glowing or not – so that’s pretty damn important if you ask me. And as I get more EXPERIENCED in life – (not older!) – I am taking more and more care of myself than I ever used to.

Part of self-care is taking the time to wash your face properly!

But first, you have to figure out what skin type you have? And that’s difficult because if you’re anything like me your skin changes almost daily -depending on the weather, hormones, and activity level! Having a one-size-fits all routine is impossible.

That’s why I love the Senegence Skin Care line. Yes, I know…..I’ve promoted my make up line a ton, but taking care of my skin is just – if not MORE – important. Especially since I didn’t start washing my face regularly until I was 30! (EEEKKKKK)

We have four different skin care systems that accommodate the needs of our ever-changing skin!

  • Normal to Dry
  • Normal to Oily
  • Dry
  • Oily to Acne

In my YouTube video, I actually wash my face. Haha- I know, right? But did you know that you were supposed to remove your make up before cleansing? Yeah – I didn’t either. Also, it’s best to actually spend time washing your face – at least 30 seconds to let the suds or gel to work on the skin.

If you don’t cleanse your face properly, you aren’t allowing all the other stuff that you love using like moisturizer and highlighter and eye cream to actually soak into the skin which is what will keep us looking better and more youthful!

Also, I have some samples available to try the different skin care systems – but only for my VIB Group. (VERY IMPORTANT BEAUTIES). If you aren’t a member of it, come on over! We are a fun group!

So, go on, GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE! And make it good! 🙂


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