Hi friends, Brandi’ here….I wanted to report my results from the Spring Shopping Break that happened in April and sadly, I didn’t hold all the way through to the cause. I bought a few things off Poshmark – used, but still purchased. I also ordered a few pairs of shoes here and there – DAMN YOU, DSW. I also ordered three Madewell tanks while they were on major sale. Oh, and I discovered this adorable boutique in my town that I ended up getting a cute leopard print romper from (I mean, leopard print is a must, AM I RIGHT?) But overall, I am pleased to report that my focus was NOT fashion this month and it was somewhat refreshing.

I didn’t feel like I needed to buy something new to wear for every single Instagram post and I paid attention to what I wore the majority of the time, which sadly is pretty boring.

I realize that almost every day I start my day in workout gear. I have been researching some brands that I’ve heard really good things about – Core 10 and 90 Degrees, both Amazon brands – and I also tried on my first pair of Athleta leggings from a Poshmark purchase and was really impressed. Suddenly, my Old Navy Activewear had some serious competition. I would love to say that I change into “real clothes” after the gym, but my schedule is pretty basic.

From 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM I’m doing school-drop off and post-office run. From 9:00-10:00 AM I’m either at Orangetheory or doing a class at my local Healthplex gym. I prefer BodyPump by Les Mills, Barre, or Spin. At 11:00 AM I have a thirty-forty minute window of time that I can grab a coffee, run ONE errand, or sit in my car and work before I have to run and get my children (one or both depending on the day.) At 11:40 AM the carpool line begins and by 12:00 PM, we are on the way home for lunch. We usually eat lunch at home and I spend a few hours doing housework, playing with the kids outside, or prepping for dinner. Somedays we head to our friends’ pool or house for play time and other days we just hang out at home. My evenings are spent with a simple routine of dinner, bath, bedtime and then Bryan and I hang out for an hour or so before we head to bed ourselves. It’s funny when I reflect on my days. They don’t sound too packed with activity. By the description alone my life looks pretty damn boring.

OH CONTRARE, my young padawan.

What I haven’t written in is the constant juggle of giving everyone exactly what they need and want in the exact moment that they want it. Most parents who spend a whole day with their children know what this entails. The refereeing of squabbles and fighting over activities or toys that you cannot wrap your head around mattering in the grand scheme of life. The need for milk, juice, water, Fruit Loops, Doritos, cheese and crackers – with the cheese on the salty side of the cheese please – you get the idea. I counted 12 kids cups in the dishwasher one morning. That was from ONE day. Picking up after each and every mess that seems to happen in one room to another. Making sure the dogs don’t get outside (which happens at least once a day, if not twice). Changing diapers, picking up undies left on the floor of each bathroom, making sure noses are wiped, boo-boos are kissed and have the proper character band-aid placed on them, tablets are charged and monitored. I barely have enough time to go to the bathroom on my own – much less shower. (Which is why I usually shower at the gym!)

I digress – this post was about fashion – NOT the chaos of being a parent.

In hindsight, I really give props to all the fashion bloggers who actually have children they raise hands-on. Who don’t have full-time nannies or grandparents or a team of people who are cooking for them, cleaning up after them, or helping to raise them – because when I took the month OFF from having to care about fashion, I spent most of it in either workout gear or jeans and a tank top.

Not to say, I won’t post a good Amazon or Walmart or Target find every now and again, but my FOCUS has definitely shifted. This season of my life really isn’t on the latest trend in fashion, it’s on surviving to get from one day to the next. Although – when the kids get just a little older, I know the trends will still be there.

Thanks for sticking with me through this season and on to the next one, lovelies.


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