Hi friends! It’s that time of year again where we get to spoil our father’s, husbands, uncles, and other man-friends. I wrote about this last year, but I always find gifting for Bryan to be one of the most difficult things. Since gifting is my 2nd primary love language it’s important to me that I get the right thing with the right sentiment. He always knocks it out of the park for MY gifts so it sets the bar high for me.

Chances are likely that I will be getting him something (or a few things) on this list, so *Spoiler Alert* babe….if you’re reading this.

Soft-side Cooler (RTic)

I asked him about a cooler and as one who has already bitten the YETI bug multiple times, he said he really liked a soft-side cooler for the pool or beach. Right now, the RTIC soft side coolers are on ridiculous sale ($79.99, marked down 50%!) and the reviews are really good. Bryan said that the 20 size is plenty big for the pool and beach and that the 30 size would be a bit too big. I say, save some money – get a decent cooler without the name brand attached and buy something else!

BlueTooth Earbud Sunglasses

My hottie hubs is preparing for his first ever Triathlon Sprint in just a few weeks! I couldn’t be prouder, honestly. And we plan to run a half-marathon together in the fall. What could be better than sunglasses with built-in earbuds AND why have I never heard of them before???? Enter Amazon Prime and a deal for under $18! Reviews are pretty stellar and they keep selling out and restocking, so snag a pair. Worst case, he doesn’t like them and you can return them.

SeneGent Goodies

I know, I know. I sell lip color. But I also sell an entire SKIN care line that is good for MEN and women alike. And if your man is washing his face with soap – just remind him that he will not age well or be anything like George Clooney without properly taking care of that handsome face. (SERIOUSLY) Bryan’s favorites are:

  • Normal to Oily Daily 3-in-1 Cleanser ($30) With it’s tiny beads of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash, it makes for an incredible daily exfoilator, gentle enough for everyday use and leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated, and ready to take on the day!
  • Facial Resurfacer ($50) For a deeper cleanse, this resurfacer is a bit more gritty and can be left on the skin to dry for a mask-feel. Perfect for t-zones and blackheads!
  • Climate Control ($60) This is the perfect anecdote to ingrown hairs, sunburns, and overall anti-aging components. As it is a spray packaging, it’s truly the only thing that you need in your bag for everyday!
  • Lip Balm ($20) The best on the market.
  • HairCovery Shampoo ($30) for thickening and helping to build regrowth – after one wash he will never go back to his normal Suave.

Yeti Tumbler

I have gone between the 20 oz tumbler and the Rambler (shaped like a traditional mug) and I have seen Bryan use the 20 oz way more than the Rambler. Reason? It fits into his truck cupholder. The Rambler doesn’t. And I have yet to use anything that keeps beverages HOT or cold as long as this baby.

Make Your Bed

If the man in your life remotely likes to read stories about a “tough guys” life, this one is a MUST. Written by a retired U.S. Navy Seal, he writes from personal experiences on how to live life and work better, smarter, and with more empathy. Bryan absolutely loved it! He said it was short enough to keep his interest, but was also really refreshing to read something inspiring from a “guy’s guy” perspective.


Sorry, there is no link to this. And this definitely is for your partner – NOT for other family members.* Disclaimer, that sounded way worse than intended.

Haha….but for all the gifts you can give your spouse or your partner in life, the ONE thing that is cost-free and probably the most appreciated is the intimacy of initiating a romantic interlude that comes with genuine care.

In reading Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” in which I am currently reading, I am amazed at how difficult it is for men to be vulnerable. As women we speak to how much we want the men in our life to “open up”, to be “vulnerable with us” and to discuss “feelings”, but the hardcore truth of the matter is that we only want it to the extent that they still are the strong man that we desperately look to. Men and sex are continued to be isolated topics that we tiptoe around. We want to look perfect – and never will – and as men they want us to just want them …which ensues the dance that we spend our lives awkwardly navigating.

I interject this more somber gift in a lighthearted gift guide post to acknowledge that with a sentimental holiday like Father’s Day, a no-strings attached and loving sack session would be one of the kindest gestures we could make to the father of our children – the one who we chose (or maybe God chose) to create the beautiful beings we made together.

And on that note, I now realize I have publicly made a commitment for Bryan to get laid on Father’s Day. LOL. Sorry, Mama Starbuck. (My poor in-laws.)

Love one another, ya’ll. Best gift you could ever give is YOU.


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