Well, month six of the year is over and gone. And we are onto month 7 and I’m kind of in shock over it all. Summer is flying by! I’m not sure if I’m excited about it or terrified by how fast it’s going.

We started the month in Tulsa, Oklahoma where I had the privilege of attending a private training and luncheon hosted by the CEO and Founder of Senegence International, Miss Joni Rogers- Kante. Her ranch in Sapulpa, Oklahoma was breathtaking and we all soaked up the experience of being taught directly by the woman who successfully has created a beauty business empire over the last 20 years. Senegence launched an unprecedented promotion of doubling the sign up fee of $55 to $110 in retail product credit towards their first order! I was elated that day when two of my clients decided to go for it and become distributors!

Bryan came along with me to Tulsa and had a day to himself to explore the town. If you’ve never been to Tulsa, it’s offers a lot that you don’t expect. It’s a fun, hipster town on the rise! I recommend staying at ALoft – Tulsa, as they upgraded us to a suite with an incredible view and the room was roomy and had all the conveniences of home (fridge, microwave, vending close by). Starbucks is a quick walk away and you are in Uber-distance of all the Tulsa eats! We treated ourselves to cocktails at the Bull in the Alley, a speakeasy, fine dining restaurant that was so cool that honestly, I forgot to take a photo of the inside.

Back in Madison, Mississippi we passed the next few days by frequenting the pool daily with friends. I had the kids trained to expect being sprayed down with sunscreen before they entered the pool – a huge feat in parenting! Mackenzie is a great swimmer and Marshall finally embraced the arm floaties, which allowed me and Bryan to actually sit in a lounge chair at the pool for longer than 3 minutes! IT was AMAZING!

We headed to Myrtle Beach, SC on June 7th and overnighted it in Atlanta halfway. It was the first time that they stayed in a hotel in the big city and they loved it! We all slept great and got up to continue our drive the next morning.

We had a great stay in Myrtle Beach for the next eight days. Bryan’s parents own a home in Ocean Lakes Family Campground, which is not just a campground but a development of single-family home residences that can be lived in year round or rented out to vacationers seasonally. The property is massive and can accommodate a variety of family sizes and budgets. The on-site amenities include a huge playground, volleyball courts, basketball courts, an indoor pool, a large outdoor pool, a Lazy River, 2 water slides, a massive splash pad activity center for the little ones, a grocery store, two cafes and ice cream shops, and much more! Most homes have golf carts so everyone travels around the community on the golf carts and it’s a family tradition to take the kids for a ride to literally put them to sleep. (And they always do!) I encourage you to check Airbnb.com or book directly thru Ocean Lakes.

We tried out a few new places to eat this trip! We explored Murrell’s Inlet, SC. Our favorite was The Dead Dog Saloon. Hands down the best food we had there! We loved walking the dock as a family afterwards and the kids enjoyed all the boats on the marina.

Bryan and I worked out at the Orangetheory Fitness, Myrtle Beach and enjoyed the studio there and even met some new friends!

Most of our days were spent at the beach or pool, but we did venture to the large indoor shopping mall during a rainy day where we treated ourselves to a matinée movie in the Carmike Theaters luxury recliners! We saw The Secret Life of Pets 2 and the kids loved it!

The plan was for me and the kids to stay in MB for the next two weeks, but when push came to shove, I decided I really wanted to come home. On Father’s Day, my handsome stud drove 12 hours straight for us to be home safe and sound. BEST GUY EVER. It hit me that Madison really is home for us and we had a great routine and wonderful friends to return back to!

I kicked off a new round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss with a few new clients (and one returning one!) and Bryan was participating in his first Triathlon Sprint race on the 22nd. I was so proud of him as he crossed the finish line. He had worked so hard to train for the race and he breezed right through it!

Later in the day, we went to the pool and my phone died from low battery. No biggie. Except that an hour or so later when I returned home and plugged it up, I couldn’t power it back on. Two hours later, at the Apple Store, I found out that my phone had been wiped out. 30,000 photos, 3 years worth of my life; my children’s life; trips; friends; memories that I will never be able to recover – were gone. I hadn’t backed up my phone since July 2016. Ya’ll…..I lost my shit. I completely lost it sitting there in the middle of the busy Apple Store in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I honestly don’t think that the Apple people knew what to do or say with a 37-year old girl who completely lost her marbles. I came home – in sobbing silence – poured myself a very strong margarita and went with my family to our friends’ house where we had an outdoor movie in their backyard and I drowned my sorrows in popcorn and Oreos. Like I said, Madison is now home.

The next day, I literally couldn’t function. My husband took the liberty of taking the kids and let me sleep and watch reruns of The Office. I woke up from my depressed slumber to a Nitro Cold Brew Starbucks Coffee and two brand new Apple electronics (my Apple watch bit the dust too) – both covered in AppleCare.

That very morning my left breast had a severe pain in it – almost like a clogged duct feel. I was a bit scared, but needed to have it checked out immediately. Thankfully, after two days of being in-and-out of doctors offices, we discovered it was just an infected cyst causing the lump and pain. It jolted me back to earth that life is precious and to savor each and every moment.

OH – and above all else – we are in the midst of potty training our son. At 3 years old, he is doing well. We have had our share of accidents, but nothing crazy (yet)…..I won’t venture to say that it’s been easier than potty training our daughter….but we did that when she was barely 2 1/2. Or maybe with all that’s been happening, I haven’t really worried about a puddle here and there? Hahaha….

This past week I’ve been honored to have an additional two women sign up on my Senegence team for a total of 4 new team members for the month! My other team members have added several new business owners as well. My friends and I in Madison have reunited happily and are conducting business as usual at the pool, park, and the gym. The kids and I have been bouncing around town as normal and are looking forward to a new month of fun in store!

So many great things happened this past month that the few not so grand things didn’t have a chance to compete. Honestly, the fact that we are halfway through 2019 is blowing my mind. And of course now I have a new round of FASTer Way clients going on, 4 new Bombshells to launch, a new iPhone to rack up photos on, a soon-to-be potty trained little boy, a daughter heading to Kindergarten, Madison friends to hang out with, and a husband who is training for his 2nd race coming up in July! It’s a whirlwind, that’s for sure!

What was your June like? Share it with me!


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