I mean, the #nsale.

Hahaha….I make myself laugh; I hope I make you at least smile.

For those of you who have followed along over this past year and a half, ya’ll know my love for Nordstrom runs deep. I’ve been shopping this sale now for three years in a row and this is my 2nd time covering it on the blog. In the world of fashion blogging and lifestyle influencers, I’m still in the infant stages.

That being said, I am confident in my abilities to locate budget-friendly options for moms and women who want to look pulled together and feel great doing so!

NORDSTROM, Charlotte, NC

I approached this years’ sale a bit differently. The past two years I have acquired most of the staple items that some of you may still be in the market for and because they are in higher quality items, they are all still in fantastic shape so I don’t plan to buy MORE just to have MORE.

*This is important. I wanted to start this blog as an outlet for my love of writing and my love of fashion and beauty. My hope is that you see it as a way for you to get creative ideas and to see a regular person living her life just trying to look cute doing it. I hope it inspires you to feel good while carrying around that baby on your hip as you walk around the playground. This is NOT for you to feel like you should need ALL.The.THINGS. I have felt like that when I scroll through my social feeds and there is nothing worse.

O.k. so back to the #nstorm, I mean, the #nsale. If you’re like my best friend who shops at Kohl’s on the clearance rack only – she does not understand the huge craziness that surrounds this sale.


It is a rare opportunity for consumers like us to access the UPCOMING season of items at a great discount. Normally, sales are on the items that stores are trying to liquidate. This is a store that’s allowing you to have the hottest, on-trend, and high-end items for Fall-Winter at a lower rate! Not only that, but as a long-time Nordstrom customer – they have the best customer service both in store and online. Plus, for those of us who are channeling our inner-Carrie Bradshaw – it’s a chance for us to go googly-eyed at all the future fall things.


This is one of the ways that Nordstrom prides itself on customer service. The company pampers loyalty and if you are a cardholder with them, they will ensure that you get special rewards, perks, and access to the best events and sales. If you don’t need another credit card, just wait the week out and shop the public access sale. I will say that last year was a bit of a disappointment in the lack of restocking that happened to key items that sold out during EARLY ACCESS. This is why I plan on procuring a LOOK FOR LESS post for those of us that may not get to shop early and still want some fun fall looks! I promise you – this is nothing to stress over! It’s just some sweaters and booties. There will always be more of them.


2019 Anniversary Key Dates:

  • 6/24-7/11: Anniversary Sale is Coming
    • “The Card’s the Key”
    • Cardmembers Shop First on 7/12 at 12:30pm ET/ 9:30am PT
      • Get a $60 note when you sign up
      • Already a Member? Pre-Shop Before EA Starts Based on Nordy Club Status!!
        • Icon In-Store Pre-Shop 7/9 –7/11
        • Ambassador In-Store Pre-Shop: 7/10 –7/11
        • Icon & Ambassador Online Pre-Shop: 7/11
  • 7/12-7/18: Anniversary Early Access – 9:30am PT Online
    • “New Arrivals on Sale”
    • Shop Early for the Best Selection
    • 2x points days
    • Same-Day Pick Up In-Store
    • Cardmember Order Pickup Incentive 7/12-7/14 – $10 Bonus Note
  • 7/19-8/4: Public Sale – 9:30am PT Online
    • The Biggest Fashion Event of the Year – NEW ARRIVALS on Sale – “Style Up, Stock Up”


Honestly, you will probably find a good bit of the same content on repeat from everyone you follow! That being said, each person has individual preferences and tastes. If you look at what I covered last year, you will see that I was a complete amateur. I feel like after a year of learning and watching from other bloggers and growing, I am now at a different level in my fashion game. I’m also a year older and have a completely different lifestyle and fashion preference than I did last year. My go-to person to follow is of course, Mallory with Style Your Senses. She’s my favorite fashion blogger – hands down.


At the end of the day, this is just a sale. These are just items for purchase. They are not life-makers. There is a lot of hype around this sale on social media simply because Nordstrom generously offers influencers and bloggers a commission for us to promote it! It’s a business just like any other. It’s a fun business – that’s for sure- and one I am grateful to be in. And as much as I appreciate my readers and followers for supporting me by using my affiliate links to shop with, I don’t wish anyone to feel anything negative due to a post or something they see on social media. It’s not uncommon to feel the pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses” on social media and that’s just silly! The highlight reel people post are exactly what they want you to see. They don’t post everything; meaning they are probably wearing their $3 Walmart tank top more often than anything else.

Stay tuned for my next post in the series which is: The Look for Less, which are some price comparable pieces to what will be offered during the sale!

What are you most looking forward to? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or Amazon Prime Day?


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