If you are on social media at all, you are starting to see the feeds of those familiar yellow bags and bloggers modeling sweaters, jeans, and booties even though it’s over 100 degrees in most cities. THIS, my dear friends, is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in all it’s glory, and the Early Access starts tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST ! (*Links below will not be shoppable until then if you are a Nordstrom cardholder.)

So, I am doing something a bit backward. And maybe a tad off-base, but those of you who know me or have been following me for the past few years know that I like doing things out of order! (Hugest example is meeting Bryan, falling in love, having a baby and then getting married! Good times; right, babe?

This is only my second year covering the sale, but after being a work-from-home mama now almost two years AND having a little one going off to school next month, it is of UTMOST importance for me to stay on budget and not buy the same things that A) I either have and/or B) can find elsewhere for much lower price.

I will be including MY personal shopping list for the sale, because I do believe there are a few things that are of high quality and good value that are being offered! So let’s get to it, shall we?


This sale tends to set the tone with fall fashion trends, so it’s a great time to get some wishlist items in mind! Prints to keep an eye out for include leopard (as usual), snakeskin, plaid, and the ever-favorite bold stripe. The styles are in keeping with falls past – a bit retro, some menswear, and of course cozy! Midi skirts and dresses have stepped up their game and I believe that by the end of 2019 every single woman in the US will have a felt hat in her closet (whether she wears it or not is another topic). I’m also seeing tiger print items coming out a bit and that print may stick around like snakeskin – so it wouldn’t be a bad thing to keep watch for.

My TOP Picks from the #nsale:

Madewell 10-inch High Waist Skinny Jeans – Button Front Edition $89.90 (after sale $135). I bought these last year and always got so many compliments on them. They are an investment – but so worth it!

Madewell Ripped High Waist Crop Skinny $84.90 (after sale, $128). Just another version of the same cut. I like the distressing on these!

Adidas Edge Lux 3 Running Shoe $63.90 (after sale $85). Ya’ll know my love for athletic shoes….so just by looking at these (and the price) is enough to know that these are an absolute MUST.

Steve Madden Rockstar Booties $79.90 (after sale, $119.95). I LOVE these booties. They are a statement maker without saying a word. And the details of the tiny studs and the stacked heel scream “HELLO, LOVER!”

Louise et Cie Sid Bootie (leopard print) $104.90 (after sale, $159.95) or Red Suede $99.90 (after sale, $149.95) These are definitely a SPLURGE or an investment. But, they speak to me. Again, shoes are one of my love languages (I have way too many of those, too) and I’ve been looking for a pair to wear for the holidays that are a bit more dressy and these may be just the ticket!

BLANKNYC Faux Snakeskin Moto Jacket $64.90 (after sale, $98) Again, an item that won’t be found elsewhere at the quality that BLANKNYC has. I love the uniqueness of this item and how it can be worn with a basic white tee shirt and blue jeans and completely jazz it up! Plus, this print will carry you through Spring 2020 and look great with white jeans, olive green, black and blue denim! Oh the possibilities…..

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic “In The Wild” Throw Blanket $119.90 (after sale, $180) . I did NOT grasp the hype about Barefoot Dreams CozyChic items until last year when I finally ordered one of their cardigans. I have worn that thing in every single season for a year and it’s one of the things I always take on vacation because it’s like having a robe on, except way more stylish! So if you don’t have a cardigan, I encourage you to snag one of those for a treat, but since I have one that’s still in great shape, I will be splurging in a blanket for the home and I love this print!

NOW…the look for less!

“THE CARDIGAN” $45.90 sale price vs. H&M Long Knit Cardigan $24.99

BP Cardi $31.90 sale price vs. Target Universal Thread Open Cardi $24.99

Rainey Mule $59.90 vs. Target Velma Slip On Mules $22.99

The Leopard Cardi $45.90 vs. Amazon Leopard Cardi $28.99

Wool Panama Hat $38.90 vs. Amazon Panama Felt Hat $19.99

Leopard Pleated Midi Skirt $78.90 vs. Leopard Print Smocked Skirt $48.65

Striped Crewneck Sweater $29.90 vs. Multicolor Striped Sweater $11.00

Moonlight Pajama Shorts Set $35.90 vs. Stars Above Pajama Set $21.99

And there are MANY more comparable items for lower-cost, but you do have to be aware of the quality of items, how things fit, and how much wear you will actually get out of the item.

I hope this gives you an idea of some looks for less and eases the pain of the chaos of the Nordstrom Sale! Now, onto Amazon Prime Days! hahaha…


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