It’s about 95 degrees, sunny, and humid as all get out here in the lovely state of Mississippi. We actually are getting ready to head to the pool to swim in just a bit. My body KNOWS it will be summer here for another few months, but my HEART is already dreaming of pumpkins, fall leaves, and mountain trips.

So, I went down a Walmart rabbit hole last night before bed and I will be honest – I’ve never been more excited to share finds with you than I am right now. LIKE WOW.

Everything I found was under $25 and I cannot wait to see some of it in person. Usually everything in person with Walmart is a hundred times better than it is online and most of this hasn’t been released in store – but will sell out in popular sizes online before it ever gets to us in the season we will actually be wearing it in! haha….Yes, I realize that sentence was way too long, but whatever. I have a lot to say on this subject!

Let’s start with the shoes, because ya’ll know my love of them runs DEEP. I mean, snakeskin mules, plaid flats, cheetah print flats, Free People duplicates, sock booties in the best of crimson and gray shades…..O-M-G. I’m happy to state that every single pair of these babies is under $25.

Now, let’s talk about tops….we are a long ways from actual sleeves, but crazy enough sometimes coming from the HOT outside to the frigid air conditioned temps inside can inspire a light long sleeve to be worn. ENTER the lightweight thermal top. These are directly inspired from the Free People Line, but soooo much less. And they are so soft and the colors are just too good for transitioning! All of these beauties are under $18!!!!

The last few items I found were this fabulous swing dress that comes in a variety of beautiful shades for $13, a gorgeous canvas tote bag for $18, and these incredible plaid knit trousers for just $17!!!

Now, I want to preface these recommendations based on what I try to keep in mind with my readers and followers as far as climate, budget, and preferences. However, I haven’t been able to actually see or try most of these items on so I can’t say how they fit or the quality of the items. When you purchase items through my links, I do get a small commission from my affiliate relationships which I am extremely grateful for! *

That being said, if you receive something that isn’t grand – please email me and let me know! I am ordering a few things that should come in over the next few days and will update this as soon as possible!

What are you most excited about trying?


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