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Ah! Fall is finally here! After months of talking about it, I can finally wear jeans outside of my house without becoming drenched in sweat. Hurray!!!

With the cooler temps, I thought celebrating via an Amazon shopping spree would be a fun time! It’s just a few items that I thought would be worth sharing.

Dupe Designer Backpack $29.99

I heard about this backpack from the lovely Jane Foster, of Southern Shine, when she was looking for a handbag to travel with. I managed to see the black one in person and the quality was so good, I had to have it for myself! I ordered the brown one because I tend to go more towards browns in the fall and I was blown away when it came in. It’s a great size, weight, and feel. The little clutch that it comes with is perfect to hold your cards or even a lip gloss too! It’s not too knock-off-y, just a pretty checkered print faux leather bag! Perfect for pumpkin patches and fall festivals. For under $30 – this is a great deal!

Leopard Print tee $13.

O.k. so I didn’t have high hopes for this tee and when I pulled it out of the packaging, I thought “Eh- it kind of looks like a pj top.” It has a soft sateen look that I wasn’t sure about. Then I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised. It is heavier knit than a tee, but still lightweight. It can be worn off-the-shoulder or not. The blouson sleeves are a nice detail! For the price, its a steal! Oh, and it’s got a band at the bottom to make it more of an oversized fit if you choose.

Ciao! Sweatshirt Tee $24.99

Based on the stock photo I thought this was going to be a bit more sweatshirt and not tee, but it is actually a loved sleeved thicker knit tee which I happen to love! It comes in a couple other colors, but I though black with black jeans and a camel colored vest would be super chic…and of course, paired with a pleated skirt (last years’ Target version.) Definitely good quality and runs true to size.

Striped Sweater $24.99

I ordered the same version of this sweater from another seller on Amazon about 6-8 weeks ago and paired it with white denim. I think the way it came to me (completely vacuum sealed and wrinkly) was a bit off-putting. I loved the stripes and the colors of this sweater so I tried it again from another seller and LO and BEHOLD it takes the cake! So soft, but lightweight and perfect with jeans of all variety.

Wearing size Small

Fuzzy Fleece Bomber Jacket $30.99 (wearing size Small)

I ordered this because I hadn’t seen it on a million other bloggers yet. I have seen boutique pieces similar and they are going for close to $100….so if I was able to snag it at a third of that price, I was going to be stoked! Well, the jacket was good, but it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. I was wanting a more cropped cut, but it fit more like a traditional bomber jacket. Very soft inside and a good weight. I also love the pink color with blue and black denim! It’s just a different piece and it comes in a pretty cognac color that I’m debating on snagging too!

Crazy Candle Scented Oils $16.99

I heard about these from Mallory – Shop Your Senses and the ones she blogged about (the Volcano and Red Currant Scents) were sold out, so I thought I would try these out since I’m in the throes of all the fall scents lately. Well, I only tried 5 drops of the Harvest Spice scent in a diffuser and WHOA…..it was overpowering. In fact, it gave me a headache. Needless to say, I’m debating on trying another scent – but I will say that for the cost and the amount of concentrated oil you get, it’s definitely a good value. I will say that I am a huge fan of essential oils and for both a fall scent AND to kill the germs lurking around, Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living is AMAZING.

Dental Duty Electric Toothbrush, $24.97

Completely random, but I wanted to include this toothbrush because it is SO. Good. It’s claim is to improve whitening and plaque removal within 2 weeks. I’m not sure scientifically if it did these things, but my whole mouth felt cleaner and brighter after using this contraption. I had a bit of an issue after using it for a month with the charger and the sellers sent me a brand new one – at no cost to me! It would make a great gift for someone who is still using the good ol’ fashion toothbrush.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my finds! Tell me what your favorite item was?


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