I wasn’t always into clothes….but I have always LOVED my shoes. Over the years, I’ve had many different closets. This current home that we are in might have my favorite one yet. The built-in shelves and drawers are a woman’s dream. And when we moved in, I was very excited to have a great foundation to have one of those closets that are truly drool worthy.

Well, we moved in and I never quite knew how to organize my closet the right way. Do the shoes go here? The sweaters go over there? What about my hats? And bags? And it got all jumbled over time anyway. I also use some of my closet space to store and ship Senegence packages to clients and that was a nightmare because I couldn’t see anything I had in my inventory.

When I went over to Jane Foster’s house back in December (Jane is the woman behind Southern Shine Blog) and saw her newly transformed closet- I was blown away! For more information on Jane’s Closet Transformation – click here! She gave me Suzanne’s number and the rest is history.

Suzanne Lindsey is the owner of Lighthouse Organizer and she is simply fantastic! The first time she came over to the house, she spent about half hour measuring and taking inventory of what needed to be done. My children and dogs made sure to bother her adequately, but she didn’t mind in the least! I gave her a budget to work with and she told me she would go home, review my closet and give me a plan that could work with my timeline and finances.

Within a day, I had an email with a plan and some options of what she had planned to do. I had already cleaned out a good bit of unnecessary clothes and shoes so all that was needed was some additional shelving and organization tools for Suzanne to make my vision come to life.



I think one of the things I loved about Suzanne’s work is that she used spaces and items that I would never have thought to use before! Like the tension rod for my hats??? GENIUS!

Also, I love how I can clearly see all of my items that I need to access readily! Suzanne ordered me a few racks for Bryan’s side of the closet and we installed those just last week and we are now both enjoying a much happier closet experience than before.

I cannot rave enough about Suzanne and her professionalism and how brilliant she was to work with. Working in someone’s closet is a very personal thing. This is where I choose what items to wear daily. It’s also where I get a bit messy (just being honest!) but she was there – not judging, but HELPING me! The shelving that she used for my shoes was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfect for me to be able to SEE all of my beautiful shoes that I love so much.

I want to say that if you are in need of someone to start from scratch and BUILD you a fabulous closet – Suzanne can do that too. She’s worked with all kinds of spaces and budgets and continues to provide outstanding service that makes a person feel refreshed whenever they step into their transformed areas!

For more information on how to utilize Suzanne’s services either in-person OR virtually, visit her site: LightHouse Organizer YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

A huge thank you to Suzanne for helping me so much and for giving me a fresh perspective on my own wardrobe!

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions and photos are my own.


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