When a good insta-friend of mine reached out to tell me that she had taken on a new client that needed some honest feedback of their product and services, I was immediately flattered! I love trying new things and supporting local businesses.

The conversation went like this:

Emily – “Hey, Brandí! I have a new client that I think would benefit from a few local influencer girls having a visit! Would you be interested?”

Me – “Absolutely! Who is it?”

Emily – “Revitalize Hydration Therapy in Flowood, MS. They offer IV infusions to help combat symptoms of fatigue, dehydration, muscle recovery, lack of immunity and a host of other things!”

In my head – “HUH? An IV? With needles? I’m not so sure…..”

To Emily – “Yeah, sure! I can do that!”

Emily – “Great, I will set up a zoom call with Laurie, the Nurse Practitioner so she can explain the process and answer any questions you may have.”

In my head – “I don’t know about this…..”

To Emily – “Perfect! Let me know when she’s free!”

I consider myself to be pretty open-minded but the idea of going to a place to have an IV hooked up to my arm for recreational purposes seemed a bit far-fetched, even for me. But I was somewhat intrigued.

A few days later, on the zoom call with Laurie, I was given the rundown about the process behind Revitalize Hydration Therapy. As an experienced Nurse Practitioner for several years, she saw an opportunity with Hydration Therapy to offer a niche service to the masses of the Jackson, MS area. It’s no secret that dehydration plagues our society. Even if you make it a point to drink all the water that you are “supposed” to, it doesn’t mean that the water you are drinking contains all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to operate at its highest level. NOR does it mean that your body is absorbing all the fluid that you are taking in.

With IV Hydration Therapy, you have access to being monitored by a medical professional; a choice of “cocktail” infusions that can help with a host of symptoms like headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, immunity support and can boost your bodies ability to fight hangovers and migraines.

Laurie also mentioned that they had taken great efforts to ensure that the experience was serene and spa-like with cozy reclining chaise loungers in a relaxing, zen-inspired atmosphere. She took time to answer my questions and by the time we reached the end of our conversation, I couldn’t wait to book my appointment!

Some of my questions for Laurie prior to scheduling was if I had to do something out of the ordinary before or after my appointment. Should I not work out? Or eat? What kind of clothes should I wear? How long will my session last?

Her answers were simple: Go about my day as if nothing special was planned other than my session would last approximately 1 hour to

1.5 hours, depending on how quickly I responded to the IV. We had chosen to get the Original Myers Cocktail infusion, which was mixed the morning of my appointment and is the all-in-one combo that covers all bases that a working mom of 2 needs. These are the other options that one can choose from:

I arrived to Revitalize Hydration Therapy of MS on a Friday at 12:00 PM. I had drank a protein shake and worked out earlier that morning and had not eaten lunch. I also recall not drinking a lot of water that morning, which is unusual for me because typically I’m a 120 oz a day girl. When I walked inside, I was greeted by a lovely waiting room/reception area. Very clean, serene and inviting.

Laurie came to greet me and welcome me in. I filled out some intake forms and was taken back to get some minor bloodwork/urine test to ensure that I was in overall good health to be able to feel the best effects from the infusion. Within 5 minutes, I was walked to the spa-room where I was hooked up to my IV!

Over the span of an hour, I relaxed in a cozy chair and had my vitals checked about 3 times to ensure that my body was responding well to the IV. It was glorious. I didn’t feel anything strange or odd. I could’ve taken a nap!

Afterwards, I felt energized and my skin was glowing. Oddly, I wasn’t starving like I normally would have been at 1:00 PM and not eating lunch. Laurie told me that I should feel the benefits within the next 24-48 hours and could last up to a week or longer.

The next day was even better! Again, I felt a great amount of energy and even though my husband had gotten bit by the stomach bug that our son had days before, I didn’t get it! I absolutely think my IV infusion had something to do with that. (To date, the stomach bug has claimed everyone in the house except for me….coincidence?)

On the following Monday, Laurie reached out to me to follow up and I told her how much I enjoyed my weekend and felt amazing. I couldn’t wait to go back for another one.

My final thoughts – while an untraditional way to fuel my body, I LOVED my Hydration Therapy session. I felt like it was a great way to jumpstart feeling great for the new year and I plan to treat myself at least once a month! For those curious about cost, the infusions tend to run between $125-$160, depending on what infusion you choose. At this time, insurance does not cover the infusions; however, you may be able to use HSA/FSA funds. Check with your provider on that. For an hours’ worth of time under the supervision of a Nurse Practitioner, I believe that this therapy will be one of the ways we get our groove back in 2021!

For more information, please contact Revitalize Hydration Therapy to schedule your appointment.*

*The opinions of this experience are my own and while my visit was complimentary, this blog post is not sponsored.


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