I love #transformationTuesday posts on social media. I love seeing the before and afters of someone who has committed to a new program and saw it through to the other side. If you’ve been with me for awhile, I have shared lots of different “journeys”….weight loss, skin care, fashion finds.

The Before and

The After

So this latest journey is because one day in November I decided that I was really tired of my skin being lack luster and acne prone. Wearing a mask day in-day out had worn my skin out. I loved my Senegence skin care, but it wasn’t cutting it.

I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole and came up to find Toska European Spa – a dayspa in Charlotte, NC where Toska – who gave facials and skin care regimes to celebrities like Kim K. and Victoria Beckham founded the spa and was a Bioleague Reasurche brand carrier. This brand is exclusive to a select few skin care experts. So I researched and researched and added things to my cart and then sat back wondering if the $400 I was about to spend would perform miracles on my skin.

I ended up spending $25 for an online skin consultation with the spa. I submitted answers to a lengthy questionnaire and within 3-5 days, I had a spa representative contact me with a list of items to purchase and why. If I had bought everything on that list, I probably would’ve spent over $1000. So I settled on two things – exfoliating toners that were supposedly miracles in a bottle.

The toners arrived and I had on idea when to use them or how much. I had to dig through Instagram posts to find out more about them. I expected results instantly, but after several days I noticed that nothing was different. It takes about 30 days to see real changes from your skin care, because the average skin cell cycle is anywhere from 25-30 days, but with the rave reviews I figured something would change.

In the meantime, a local plastic surgeon was throwing an open house and in efforts to win a prize, I submitted my photos to the team and within the next day, I was contacted about what skin care regime would be beneficial for my goals.

I purchased an Obagi regime complete with cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and serum. I added the toners into the regime and continued on.

Fast forward to a HORRIBLE chin and neck breakout. I was freaking out. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something but had no idea to what.

That was when I reached out to The Skin Consult and I was able to schedule an actual video consultation with a REAL live aesthetician. Over the course of an hour, we discussed my concerns and what products I was currently using. Laurie built a personalized skin care regime for me with not just one brand of product, but a system that was designed for the skin that I wanted! Clear, even, and glowing!

With consistency and check-ins with Laurie, I was able to see actual results! After going through two other “consultations” I realize the difference was a live video chat with someone that was interested in my skin care goals and helping me get there. She took my budget into account and gave me the access to read and research product as she prescribed them. Texture, ingredients, price, where they fit into the skin care routine – all of this was thoroughly discussed during our consults. I felt confident in my purchases knowing exactly what I was getting and how to use them.

The products came swiftly and with written instructions for each item. Samples were also included, which were greatly appreciated! Basically, I am a client for life. To be able to fit the consults in my busy lifestyle at times that are convenient for me and to purchase everything i need right then and there with the expert advice and recommendations – a dream come true.

Don’t wait to get the skin you are waiting for! Just contact The Skin Consult!

*This is my own personal journey and is not guaranteed that you will have the same results.


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