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Did you know that I’ve been writing since I was 13? I read the entire series of Anne of Green Gables and watched the entire series of Avonlea and the passion for the feeling of pen to paper was born. I wanted to be Anne. And despite the fact that I was not a redhead and was not an orphan that lived on Prince Edward Island, I was serious about my love of writing. I collected notebooks and journals like they were Beanie Babies. I wrote about love, lust, my dreams of having a boy kiss me, having a cool sports car and living in a busy city and being a famous journalist. I wanted to have a cell phone, a briefcase and a boyfriend who looked like Mario Lopez – because AC Slater was my kind of man. I had already experienced love by then (or so I thought it was love). And was ripped away from him by having to move from Florida to North Carolina so I felt I had a ton of things worthy of writing about. I was also having high school drama that needed to be recorded. I mean, talk about Pulitzer worthy content.

I started this blog in 2018. Four years ago. It started as an outlet for me because I have loved to write for years and I just wanted a place on the Internet that was only mine. It evolved into a place where I shared fashion finds, life hacks, mom tidbits….And you know what? That’s exactly what I wanted it to be. A place where a woman who had three minutes to herself could read one of my blog posts and laugh and feel like she wasn’t the only one in the world who felt like she did at that very second. GOD – when did being an adult become so difficult and WHY in the hell did I want to grow up so fast?????

This last year I was in a mostly survival mode. Last year at this time my marriage was in a very fragile place and I had just started a new job. I felt like I was on a see-saw on a daily basis. Up, down, middle…..up, down, middle…..We got through it. We emerged in the New Year of 2022 with renewed determination to do it better.

I lived to work. I parented the best way I could. We took family trips. I read a bunch of great books and thought “WHY the hell can’t I write a book?” I don’t brag on myself often, but I’m a damn good writer. So I did. I started writing the book that I’ve been writing in my head for decades. I hope I finish it. I hope that you follow me through this journey as I navigate how to get a book published and put myself out there to be torn to shreds with criticism or the chance that I will fail hugely. I hope that you are reading this and thinking of something that you are terrified to do and think “If Brandi’ can, I can.”

I used to blog….I still do occasionally. Maybe I will more now. Let’s do this, friends.


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